About Wolfhart Designs

 We believe that LOVE IS LOVE.

We believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. Or a man and a man. Or a woman and a woman. We proudly support the LGBTQIA+ community.

We support all types of commitments. Power throuples, secret sister wives, polyamorous relationships, open marriages - we believe that love is not defined by a piece of paper, but by the commitment individuals make to each other and the love between them.


Meet the Wolfart Designs Team

Wolfhart Designs was founded in 2017 after James, a Coast Guard Veteran & Reservist, found himself with a broken wedding ring just nine months after getting married to his wife and business partner, Nicole. Frustrated with the lack of quality, James embarked on a journey to create his own custom, high quality, unique wedding ring. In 2018, James began creating and selling his own line of wedding rings under his other woodworking brand, Valhalla Wood Forge, before spinning off Wolfhart Designs to focus exclusively on ring designs.

Wolfhart Designs is owned and operated by James and Nicole, along with their business partner, Alex. 

The mission of Wolfhart Designs is to make beautiful, unique wedding bands that will not only be a conversation starter, but a piece that tells the unique story of your relationship.